Ottawa By Night

Service Rewarded

The day after the battle at Saint Peter’s, Rachel was instructed to meet Roger at the Green Belt to debrief on the night before. In an abandoned field she met Roger and another figure, whom Roger introduced as the Gangrel Primogen. Rachel explained that the ghouls they encountered at the school were traced to the blood bank thefts, and that she wasn’t sure why the werewolves were involved. The two Gangrel bought her explanation, and The Hunter noted that the werewolves left town after trashing the school cafeteria.

After The Hunter left, Roger commended Rachel on her efforts for the city. He noted that good deeds were not always publicly recognized, such as when Michael’s aid in the capture of Derrick was credited to the Brujah Primogen. Roger promised to make sure Rachel’s efforts were recognized for the cost of a minor boon, to be kept off the books. Rachel agreed to his terms.

Similarly, Leslie Charbonneau contacted Charles to discuss the Nutromi / Pentex deal. Charles pried some information about Pentex from Leslie while hiding his own involvement in the activities at the school. He deliberately made her suspicious of Wade. When Leslie asked if he needed an immediate favour to keep the owed boon off the books, Charles suggested they keep the boon as a secret between themselves for the moment, and determine a payment at a later time. Charles then visited one of his flock to feed upon, and spent the rest of the evening studying the University’s cache of occult writings. In an old Latin tome, he found reference to Sir David working for the church to steal artifacts from the Giovanni. He took the book home for further study.

Hatching Plans

Michael slowly worked to stitch his wounds together after the thrashing that Rachel gave him the night prior. He received word that a small-time music agent he dealt with in New York was in town and wanted to talk shop. He also got a mysterious text instructing him to meet in the East Side of Ottawa at 12:15 AM from an unknown number. Meeting first with his old friend Steven, he got the impression that the man’s mind may have been altered, as his reasons for travelling to Canada to scout out talent didn’t really make strong business sense. Sure enough, Steven subconsciously left behind an envelope at the table which was a letter from Michael’s sire Dominique. In it she warned him that her enemies might try to strike at him through her. He was told to be wary of new vampires in town, and given a phone number to call if he was ever in real trouble.

Heading to Orleans, Michael discovered that his contact was Thomas, the Kindred club owner who had suggested an alliance against Melissa. They discussed how to undermine her power base, with Thomas suggesting using the Bronin gang as pawns to mess up her premiere club. Michael agreed this might be a viable plan, and started thinking about pawns they could use so that the manipulation wouldn’t be traced back to them. They agreed to future meetings to cement their plans.


Wade also began the painful process of healing the aggravated damage that the bloodworm dealt him. He noticed that patches of his skin had taken on a tougher, more leathery texture while he slept. Getting to the Glass Slipper, he discovered that ESPN had called to arrange an interview the following evening regarding the 10th anniversary of his biggest college game. He told his manager to set it up for the following night. He was also told that one of the “ugly ones” was waiting for him out in the back.

Going to one of the VIP lounges, Wade found Ericson, the Keeper of Elysium. Ericson told Wade that the Glass Slipper had been selected for a forthcoming Elysium in three weeks. However, they expected a heavy Anarch presence at the Elysium, so security would have to be tight. Since the Prince was expected to attend, Ericson suggested that Wade find some human Vessels of the Prince’s particular tastes to provide suitable refreshments. He also reassured Wade that if he needed help with venue preparation, Ericson would help for a minor boon in return.

Wade quickly made some calls. He contacted Eddie to ask for help adjusting the memories of the women he would be recruiting as Marcus’ vessels. He also contacted Michael to ask for an introduction to Aylen, who Ericson suggested would be presenting at Elysium.

Going to feed on one of his herd, Wade found himself losing control and accidentally drinking her dry. He seemed to be retaining far more blood than he normally could, and was frightened by how natural it felt. He called Rachel for help disposing of the body.

Back at her apartment, Rachel had just fielded a landline phone call from Sir David, who asked about current events in the city and gave her peculiar instructions. He asked her to go to the home of the German Ambassador and tell him “It is time to execute the stratagem against the Belgians.” Wondering what David was talking about, she then received Wade’s call and agreed to meet him to collect the body. In exchange for this boon, she demanded access to his feeding grounds at the Glass Slipper, to which he quickly agreed. She also took a sample of his blood for testing.

The next night, Rachel analyzed Wade’s blood, but found nothing unusual about it. She stopped by the German Ambassador’s home. The Ambassador was quite amiable, but once she delivered Sir David’s message his attitude shifted and he asked her to leave. She heard him cancelling his plans for the meeting as she went out the door.

Heading to the Glass Slipper, Rachel saw that the ESPN film crew was there and clearly aggravated at Wade’s absence. Covering as his doctor, she told them that Wade was ill and had to cancel the interview. Searching for a scoop, the reporter questioned further and Rachel suggested Wade might have concussion-related injuries from his time in the NFL.

Meanwhile, Wade slept deep into the night, as the Beast gained greater purchase on his dwindling humanity…



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