Ottawa By Night

Chapter 10

Paperwork is Murder

Scene 1 (Michael)

Michael headed to the Liquor Board offices at 8 pm for his meeting to get his liquor board license re-instated. The official seemed overly cooperative, and Michael soon discovered why: it was a trap sprung by Derick! The Caitiff held Michael responsible for turning him in to the Sheriff, and had lured him by dominating the Liquor Control Board officials into shutting down Michael’s bar. Derick surprised Michael with a shotgun blast that injured Michael but killed the human puppet outright. Michael told Derick that he was going to kill him, and gave in to his frenzy. Despite Derick’s surprise, Michael quickly defeated him, demonstrating the legendary prowess of the Brujah. Feeding on the clerk’s corpse, Michael snapped Derick’s neck and ensured that his bar’s reinstatement was completed on the computer. He then noticed the blinking red lights of security cameras…

Scene 2 (Rachel)

Rachel followed up on the Giovanni research that her she had purchased from the hacker a few nights past. It seemed that most of the studies had been performed on patients much older than Annie, which made sense as the disease rarely manifests before middle-age. There was a lot of speculation on advances that could be made if a viable young test case was found. Rachel followed up with some online digging of her own and determined that most of the younger patients with this disease had died suspiciously – perhaps Tremere interference?

Texting Peter Hall, Rachel requested that Annie be put under observation. She then headed to Ottawa General. The nurses noted that Peter had been acting weirdly, but Rachel assured them he was fine. Entering his office, she caught him taking a swig from a flask of unknown liquid. He told her that a journalist from the Citizen was asking questions about her work after seeing her name on a recent sunshine list. She took the name of the journalist, and asked him to handle it. Since the journalist’s inquiries seemed to revolve around how much time she took off, Rachel suggested that she might pull some extra shifts, which Peter agreed to a little too readily. He also mentioned to her that the Giovanni Foundation had expressed interest in funding the blood research at the hospital, so they needed to avoid bad publicity for now. Rachel learned that Peter was staying late in part due to trouble at home. He once again tried to convince her to feed Annie blood to heal her, but Rachel refused.

Scene 3 (Charles)

Charles returned to the addiction centre, asking if Pete had returned. They told him that Pete had asked after him earlier that day. Charles sent Pete an email via a junk email account to ask how he was doing, then headed off to his research at the library. He also received an email from a local deacon to let him know that Emily Johnson had been placed with a local foster family after the tragic death of her mother the previous month.

Scene 4 (Wade)

Wade awakens late in his apartment to find Eddie regarding him. Eddie is a bit concerned that Wade is sleeping so long, Wade attributes it to his recent traumas. He tells Eddie about the Giovanni and the Tremere. Eddie decides he will confront the Giovanni directly, while Wade gathers support in other ways. Janice calls to tell Wade about Rachel’s attack the night prior, and to berate him for trusting her with the plan. Wade claims it was a way of testing her loyalty. Janice needs blood to heal her wounds, so Wade welcomes her to his hunting grounds. While waiting for her to arrive, he calls Rob Zane, and offers his Anarchs more prominence at future Elysiums if Zane can get him dirt on the local Giovanni. Zane agrees to the terms. When Janice arrives, Wade helps her feed, and then they discuss options for getting Annie’s blood, or killing her if needed.

Scene 5 (Rachel and Michael)

Realizing he’s been caught on camera, Michael calls Rachel hoping she can erase the camera files like she did during Derick’s previous Masquerade breach. Rachel agrees to help. Thomas arrives before she does, telling Michael that Derick had bragged to some of Thomas’ Anarch regulars about how he was gonna jack Michael tonight. When Rachel arrived, they found the IT admin’s computer and she was able to access the cameras and delete the files. Turning off the security, they took Derick’s rapidly-decaying body and fled the scene of the crime.

Scene 6 (Wade)

Later that night, Eddie returns to the slipper, looking a little paler than before. He told Wade that the Giovanni were willing to lay off on the intimidation if Eddie and Wade helped them secure Annie against the Tremere. Wade’s paranoia kicked in, and he insisted that the Giovanni had secret control over Rachel, and this was all a plan to set the Ventrue at war with the Tremere. Eddie acknowledged this could be true, but playing along bought them some temporary respite. Wade suggested that if they could make the girl disappear, both clans would suspect the other. Perhaps Eddie just needed to use Dominate on Rachel…

Scene 7 (Charles)

Charles received an email from Pete telling him that Pete was starting a new job tonight working as a janitor for some government offices. Later, he started to feel the hackles raise on the back of his neck while researching. Suddenly, all of the books on the shelf behind him fell onto the floor at once! As Charles picked up the books, his keen mind noticed that the first word on the opened page of the first seven books were a message: “Your new friend is my friend now.”


Scene 8 (Michael)

A police inspector visited to speak with Michael about the murder of the Liquor Control Board officer. They noticed that the last bit of work on the victim’s screen was a re-instatement of Michael’s liquor license. Michael admitted that he had met with the man that night, but claimed that he saw a suspicious-looking drunk hanging out near the office when he left. He wasn’t sure that the officer was buying the story, so he turned on the Presence aura.

Scene 9 (Rachel)

Rachel returned to the hospital. She was told that a burn victim was awaiting her in surgery, but it turned out to be a Nosferatu. He claimed that he had been secretly tailing several of Rachel’s allies and enemies, and could give her information for a price. Agreeing to a boon for his help, Rachel learned that Wade and Eddie were playing both the Tremere and Ventrue off against each other, and that the Giovanni had broken into her apartment tonight to search for something. The Nosferatu told her she could call him Cipher, and gave her a drop box location she could use to get in contact with him.

Scene 10 (Charles)

Charles had a vivid dream of ancient Venice. In it, he saw Nicolae and Sir David, as well as a tall, female Cainite of corpse-like pallor. When the woman affixed her gaze on Charles, he awoke in a blood sweat. The deacon called to let him know that Emily’s foster parents were asking about Charles … apparently Emily was having bad dreams, and saying strange things about him.

Then he noticed the multiple emails from Pete. His janitor job had taken a grisly turn…



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