Ottawa By Night

Chapter 12

A Night of Great Portent

Session Overview

Rachel Lin and Wade Bogs met with Elisa Giovanni, who offered a truce and raised further doubts about Sir David’s motives. Rachel met Angela, the Monitor of Ottawa, who advised her that there were moral alternatives to those presented by the other vampires of the city.

Charles and his Setite companions discovered that Terence and Gloria Martin had been abducted from their home by hunters during the day. Following up with the RCMP, they determined that a secret squad of law enforcement and ex-military were behind the abduction, and hiding the vampires in Hull while they waited for their boss from Montreal to arrive. The Setites raced to the warehouse and freed the imprisoned vampires. However, the hunters’ vampire leader arrived and dealt the Final Death to Jacob Donaldson. Charles fled with Gloria, leaving a frenzied Terence to deal with the hunters and their master.

Michael provided back-up support for Rachel and Wade during their talk with Elisa. He was then contacted by Aylen, requesting Michael’s help in scavenging the excavated ruins of the old Prince Tiberius’ burned-out manor house. Michael was able to by-pass the blood magic defenses that Tiberius had put into place; Aylen revealed this was because Michael was a distant mortal descendant of Tiberius. This was the reason that Dominique sought him out in New York a few years prior. Inside the safe room they found Tiberius’ blackmail files on the old vampires of Ottawa. Aylen burned Dominique’s file as her price for her assistance on the job, and then he burned his own. He let Michael take some of the files for himself, including a book which appeared blank to Aylen, but in which Michael could see writing. Angela appeared to chide Aylen. Later on, Michael read the book and discovered that it was a personal diary belonging to Tiberius. One of the secrets within was that Aylen and Tiberius had been working together to play the Anarchs and Camarilla against each other!

Session Notes

  • Angela, Monitor of Ottawa was introduced. Elisa and Aylen both noted that she rarely appears to the vampires of the city. Angela herself noted that it was a night of great portent. She seems to be making overtures of Golconda study to Rachel.
  • Jacob Donaldson was killed by the unknown vampire from Montreal. So far, the Camarilla does not know about his death.
  • Michael grabbed dossiers on Chen and Elisa Giovanni.
  • Michael and Wade have decided to work together on a new Anarch club. Rachel has expressed a willingness to invest in the business.



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