Ottawa By Night

Civic Engagement, Brujah Style


Michael set to his duties at The Ritual nightclub, feeding from one of the mortal herd he’s accumulated. He was approached by Derick, a local Caitiff down on his luck in search of blood. He explained to Michael that Melissa had barred him from most of the local Rack after he failed to satisfy one of his boons to her, becoming further indebted in the process. His protests were cut off as Melissa entered the bar, telling Derick to leave and asking Michael to prepare the bar for a 3 AM meeting. Aylen was calling a meeting of the local Brujah, and she wanted to host the meeting at The Ritual because she expected a Brujah gathering to have lots of property damage.


Waking up very hungry (1 blood point), Stephanie immediately went on the hunt. She quickly located a drunk hobo and fed on him – in her feeding frenzy, she drained him dry. (-1 Humanity) She quickly found an empty tenement building nearby to stash the body. On her way back to her haven, she was intercepted by the Anarch Rob Zane, who told her that James Aylen was arranging a meeting of the local Brujah and had excluded her deliberately. He suggested she attend the meeting and make her voice heard. He also casually mentioned hacking into local police databases and deleting her criminal records from her mortal life.


Waking up ravenous after several days without eating (1 blood point), Rachel rushed to the hospital she works at to access the blood reserves. A security guard was on staff due to a rash of recent break ins at blood clinics around the city. Rachel showed her badge and convinced him to let her through – she then retained control enough to take the blood packs to a nearby bathroom before feeding on them. Afterwards, her retainer Peter Hall updated her on the local blood bank thefts – they were occurring at night, after blood drives but before the blood had been transported to local hospitals. As a response to this, the blood clinics would now be transporting blood to the hospitals immediately after collection.

Rachel looked in on Annie, a sick girl in ward 5C that is afflicted with the same blood disease that claimed Rachel’s mother 20 years prior. Annie seemed to be responding well to treatment, but her safety was still in question. Rachel also researched the blood clinic breaking online. At this point she was interrupted by the arrival of James Aylen, who was asking after her sire, Sir David. He then invited her to the meeting at the Ritual to discuss the Clan’s future. Rachel was uninterested in vampire politics but decided to attend to ensure she wasn’t taken unawares later.

The Clan Gathering

In attendance at the meeting were Melissa, Stephanie, Michael, Rachel, Aylen, and a young man who was clearly Aylen’s ghoul, but whose presence appeared to anger Melissa. Aylen spoke of the history of the city, and his role in the Anarch movement before his imprisonment. He said that despite Prince Markus’ unconventional reforms, he could not be trusted to offer an egalitarian society, citing the lack of a Brujah Primogen as proof. He asked the group to side with him to advance the Anarch cause and make Ottawa a city apart from the Camarilla. His words were magnified by his Presence Discipline, but Stephanie resisted it’s lure.

Melissa countered that Markus had driven the Sabbat out of Ottawa, and that the packs would return if he were deposed. Aylen argued that more Anarchs would flock to the city once it was free, but Stephanie suggested that would just be more competition for her territory. At this point Zane interrupted the meeting by hacking Aylen’s iPhone, mocking his ambitions and suggesting he needs to be more cautious around modern technology, causing Aylen to destroy the phone in anger. Aylen asked if he had no allies in the room; Michael tried to surreptitiously convey his support, but his clumsy attempt was detected by all.

Shortly afterwards Bloody Roger, the Prince’s Sheriff arrived on the scene. Aylen protested that they were having a peaceful meeting and committing no crimes. Roger pointed to Melissa and responded that he was only here at the request of the Brujah Primogen. Smiling, Melissa explained to all that Markus had selected her as the new Brujah Primogen. Aylen exploded, saying that Markus had selected a Neonate for the role as a way to mock the clan, and to keep them under his thumb. Sensing the odds against him, he contained his rage to destroying the bar table he was sitting at, then stalked out of the room with his ghoul follower close behind. Melissa commended those who showed loyalty to the Camarilla, and reminded them that while Ottawa may be dangerous, it offered prospects for advancement that they could wait decades or centuries to obtain in more established cities. Thus the Brujah gathering ended, with a smartphone and one table the only casualties of the event.



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