Ottawa By Night

Hot Lunch! Part 1

(Note: Since the July 18th session was split into multiple narratives, I have combined some events from the September 4th session into this log for a smoother chronological narrative)

Eddie’s Warning

Fast Eddie took Wade aside to ask for his help. Eddie believed that the blood bank break-ins might be related to a failed business effort of his from the previous year. Reminding Wade of when he went to go speak to a local high school sports team, Saint Peter’s Gatekeepers, Eddie revealed that he had used the opportunity to try to replicate his original experiment with Wade, this time dosing multiple members of the team so that the ghouls wouldn’t stand out so much. Worse yet, he had been using Wade’s blood to do it!

The experiment had ended in violence and the team being suspended from the local high school league. Eddie thought he had cleaned up his tracks, killing the QB Donald Harwick who had been his primary contact, and making it look like a car accident. But he now suspected that the other team members might be behind the blood thefts. Eddie agreed to look into it for him.

Heading over to the cemetery where Donald had been buried, Wade saw suggestive signs that the grave had been tampered with. He called Rachel with the news and arranged a meeting at her condo.

Doctor Lin Makes a House Call

While Rachel was making her rounds at the hospital, she checked in on Annie before the young girl went to sleep. Annie made reference to her blood being taken by a nurse, but Rachel saw no reference to that in Annie’s medical records. Calling Peter Hall to ask, she was told that a nurse named Mark Nelson had taken her blood, apparently by mistake, and tried to dispose of it outside to cover up the error. The nurse had been dismissed.

Sensing something amiss, Rachel visited Mark to find out what was going on. Arriving at his rather dingy apartment that was well below his payscale, she persuaded him to reveal the truth: Mark had been paid by a third party to deliver some of Annie’s blood. Apparently it was some kind of medical research that couldn’t afford the rigmarole of obtaining the blood through official channels. The money would let Mark pay off his gambling debts. He was supposed to drop it off by the dumpster outside the hospital, but it got spotted by a janitor and he was fired.

Rachel suspected that Mark was in way over his head. She arranged a plane ticket for him to head out east, and took his cell phone so that if the buyer called again, she would get the call. But her next phone call was on her own cell phone, as Wade called asking for assistance…

Preaching For Pentex

As a favour to Leslie Charbonneau, Charles spoke to local religious authorities in the Catholic Church about the parent protests of Nutromi‘s pilot project at Saint Peter’s Wisdom. He discovered that the protest was led by a mother named Deborah Johnson. Deborah had initially protested on concerns of the food’s safety, but those protests were largely dismissed. She then switched to a moral outrage angle, noting that Nutromi shared a corporate parent with Magadan Pharmaceuticals, which produced several medical products that were objectionable to Catholic dogma. This had gained a much wider support base.

Charles decided to pay the Johnson household a visit. He met Deborah and her young daughter Emily. Turning on the charm (and the Presence), he planted serious seeds of doubt in Deborah’s mind, and he learned that Emily was suffering social stigma at school for her mother’s crusade. As he left the house, Charles decided that the Johnsons might be a fun side project…

Charles then drove to the Glass Slipper in the hopes of meeting some other Kindred to socialize. En Route, he was accosted by The Shade, which started to accelerate his car. Charles managed to regain control and sped off.

Anarchy at the Ritual

Meanwhile at The Ritual, Michael was hoping for a quiet night without vampiric interference. He noted that a new vampire he had not met before was there with a group of college students. Since she wasn’t starting a fuss, he sent over a round of drinks and didn’t interfere. A less pleasant interaction occurred when Aylen and one of his flunkies arrived out back, accusing Michael of selling out Derick to the Sheriff. They told Michael that if he wanted to be accepted by the True Anarchs he would have to help them bust Derick loose.

Michael listened to them, but the idea was so vague (“blow up the wall!”) that he was immediately suspicious. The woman with the college students had joined the discussion, and she also questioned the wisdom of their approach. Despite this challenge, Aylen kept his cool and departed, if not as a friend. Michael pondered better ways to free Derick.



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