Ottawa By Night

Hot Lunch Part 2

(Note: Since the July 18th session was split into multiple narratives, I have combined some events from the September 4th session into that log for a smoother chronological narrative)

Customer Service at the Ritual

A few hours after Aylen left, the bouncer at The Ritual had trouble from a teenager with a fake ID. When Michael interposed the kid hit him, much harder than he should have been able to. A quick and brutal brawl ensued. Michael’s bouncer Al tried to grapple the kid while Michael taught him some respect. The kid then tossed Al into Michael, breaking Al’s arm in the process. Eventually, Michael overpowered the kid, and took him and Al into the safe room out back, buying a round of drinks to calm the drunken crowd. He deduced that the kid was probably a ghoul, and had exhausted his vitae supply during the fight.

Michael then called Rachel to ask if she could set Al’s broken arm off the record. Unbeknownst to Michael, Rachael and Wade had been trying to track down info about Donald Harwick and the Gatekeepers online, and this kid sounded like a good lead…

Arriving at the Ritual, Rachel quickly set Al’s arm, allowing the ghoul to heal it safely. Wade talked to the kid, who was named Doug Collins and was indeed a former player for the Gatekeepers. Using his Presence, fame, and shared experience, Wade won Doug’s trust, and Doug accepted his offer to take him back to his blood source, which was at the high school. Wade took Doug in his car, with Rachel and Michael following at a distance. But first he needed to head to The Glass Slipper … apparently a Kindred was prowling the crowd.

Back at the Slipper, Charles was mildly disappointed at the lack of other Kindred in attendance, and staved off boredom by toying with some rivalries among the attendees. When Wade arrived, he asked if Charles would help investigate – the words “high school” were all that Charles really needed to hear. The club’s manager also informed Wade that a woman matching the description of Aria Geroux had made a brief appearance at the club in his absence.

Horror in the Boiler Room

As they drove to the school, Doug explained that there was an old, unusued boiler room beneath the school cafeteria, which he and the other former Gatekeepers used as a hideout now. Parking at the school, they made notice of some other cars at the far end of the parking lot. Wade, Charles and Doug went into the boiler room, while Rachel and Michael stayed behind in their car.

Inside the boiler room, a strange, somewhat distorted voice spoke to Wade from the darkness. It revealed itself as Donald Harwick … who had mutated into a horrific, vampiric worm-like creature. It’s tongue lashed out and it drained Doug dry, telling him he needed to “take one for the team.”

Charles faded into the shadows and looked for an improvised weapon, while Wade employed Dread Gaze to break the monster’s will. The creature told Wade that Eddie had planned to replace him with it, and that it was about to happen. In then plunged it’s piercing tongue into his neck and started drinking greedily.

Rachel and Michael raced to the room, using Celerity to cover the distance in mere seconds. En route, they detected some kind of attack occurring on the football field – the other ghouled Gatekeepers, perhaps? They ignored it and ran to help Wade and Charles.

The battle was truly joined, with Rachel, Charles, and Michael all attempting to batter the creature. It’s hide was clearly tough, so they focused on the exposed soft points. Wade drew on his inner strength to overcome the pain and continued his Dread Gaze on the monster. Rachel snapped up a nearby switchblade and attacked the creature’s tounge, dealing significant damage and causing it to retract from Wade.

At that moment one of the ghouls entered the boiler room … battered and half-eaten. It yelled that they all needed to run NOW. The creature disappeared back into the boiler room. Wade followed it planning to finish things.

And a group of giggling teenagers filed in from the outside entrance, with glowing green eyes, hunched shoulders, and jagged teeth. They were so very, very hungry.



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