Ottawa By Night

Hot Lunch! Part 3

Flight from the Boiler Room

With the hungry children blocking the exit to the boiler room, the vampires fled after the blood worm that was formerly Donald Hardwick. They discovered that it had broken through the ceiling into the high school above. Climbing up to follow it, Charles de Rohan was taunted by The Shade that she would lead the creatures to him.

The cafeteria appeared to be emanating a sickly green light, but the creature’s blood trail led away from it. The vampires followed the trail, which gradually vanished, suggesting that the creature was healing itself. Eventually they found the blood worm fighting two of the hungry children while a third took pictures on its cellphone.

Charles called Bloody Roger to report the happenings and call in backup, rifling through students lockers in the search for weapons at the same time. Michael and Rachel engaged the possessed children while Wade entered frenzy and grappled the blood worm. Eventually Wade managed to take hold and bite the beast, drinking deeply of its blood. He kept drinking afterwards, his frenzy driving him towards Diablerie.

Rachel and Michael fought with a second wave of the demon children, with Michael succumbing to frenzy himself. The children seemed to revert to normal upon their deaths. Charles made attacks of opportunity, and captured the cell phones that the creatures were using.

Then the werewolf howls started nearby.

Wade was still attempting to diablerise the blood worm without success. Charles appeared to Wade as Eddie to snap him out of his frenzy. It didn’t really work, but the distraction was enough for Donald’s soul to escape as his body entered Final Death, foiling the Diablerie. The group then fled the building, seeing the werewolves throw themselves into the cafeteria as they fled. Rachel called Roger on her phone to tell them that werewolves were present and they should not go to the school.


Wade still felt thirsty despite consuming a large portion of blood. He also felt no pangs of guilt over what he did. He called Eddie, who had no idea what might have caused the blood worm transformation in Donald. They both agreed that the blood worm’s corpse should be left outside to greet the sun.

Charles visited the Johnson household to feed, but frenzied and drank Deborah dry. The Shade then smashed a mirror to awaken Deborah’s daughter Emily, but Charles used Obfuscate to take on Deborah’s form and tell Emily to go back to sleep.

Rachel demanded that Michael provide her with a vessel upon returning to The Ritual. She started drinking from the ghoul Al, but she frenzied and started to drink him dry. Michael intervened and pulled her back from Al, but in her Frenzy she bit Michael, incapacitating him. With a monumental exertion of will, Rachel managed to flee from the bar before she killed one or both of the men in the room. Michael suffered a nasty aggravated wound, and told his staff to keep Rachel out of the bar in the future…



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