James Aylen

An old Anarch leader who seeks to return to prominence


James Aylen, 9th Generation Brujah, Anarch Martyr

Aylen is an old Anarch leader who the source of much agitation in the 1950s and 1960s. He disappeared in the late 1960s, and is trying to regain his prominence in new Anarch circles.

Aylen has a faint-but-noticeable Irish accent. He tends to dress in modern fashions, but it’s a fair bet he doesn’t pick them himself.


Aylen was a brother of Peter Aylen, the leader of Ottawa’s first major organized labour violence in the 1830s. He was embraced by Clan Brujah as a way to exert influence on the lumber workers.

With the onset of the Second Anarch Revolt, Aylen was well-positioned to become a key figure in the Ottawa movement. He and his followers openly flaunted the rule of Prince Tiberius and the Primogen. Eventually, a line was crossed and Aylen disappeared from the streets. Over the years to follow his gang was gradually hunted down or cowed into submission.

Following Prince Markus’ routing of the Sabbat, Aylen re-appeared on the scene. He explained that Tiberius had staked and imprisoned him, and he was only freed after Markus raided some of the old Prince’s havens for resources. However, this had led some younger Anarchs to question whether Aylen is ready to bring the fight to Markus.

James Aylen

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