Derick, the Unlucky Caitiff (DECEASED)

Thin-blooded Caitiff


Derick is a Caitiff who was only embraced in the last two years. He has racked up a lot of Prestation debt to various local Kindred in that time, and his credit rating is rapidly falling through the basement. As a mortal he often drank at The Ritual.

Derick was recently caught breaking the masquerade by bloody Roger. He was captured, and awaits trial by Prince Markus. Unknown to the rest of the city, the Setites maneuvered Derick into this role, in an attempt to get Markus to instate the ancient office of the Scourge.

Derick tried to exact revenge on Micheal because he believed Micheal turned him in. Micheal killed him and took care of the body.


Derick, the Unlucky Caitiff (DECEASED)

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