Prince Markus

The Prince of Ottawa and Master of its Secrets


Markus, 8th Generation Nosferatu, Prince of Ottawa

Markus is the Prince of Ottawa, and largely credited with driving out the Sabbat occupants in 2005. He is one of the few surviving Kindred who resided in Ottawa before 1978.

Markus is known to distrustful of the traditional Camarilla power structures – the Primogen council killed his predecessor, and the Nosferatu have always been disadvantaged by the ruling clans. This means he tends to centralize a lot of power, but is also willing to work with vampires who might be outcast in other Camarilla cities. However, he will often test loyalty and is quick to distrust, lest his disenfranchised allies turn out to be pawns of the elders.


Entering the New World

Little is known about Markus’ mortal life, although there are stories that he served as a spy of some sort before the Embrace. He travelled to the New World in the early 1900s and obtained a domain in Ottawa via the settling of a Prestation debt.

Markus rose in the power structure of the city quite quickly, becoming a favoured ally of Prince Tiberius. This almost certainly made him powerful enemies in the Ottawa Kindred community.


On May 29, 1929, a series of sewer explosions rocked the main line of the Ottawa sewer system. The largest explosions occurred near Markus’ known haven, exposing it to the open sun in broad daylight. He was presumed to have suffered the Final Death.


In 1978 the Primogen council conspired to kill Prince Tiberius, not realizing that some of their allies were actually Sabbat spies. A renewed Sabbat offensive rocked the city over the following years, and most of the Camarilla establishment was staked or driven into exile.

In 2005, the Sabbat pulled their packs out of Ottawa suddenly and without explanation. The few vampires who did not heed this call were soon slain by the newly-returned Markus, who declared himself the new Prince of Ottawa.

Prince Markus

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