Melissa Roberts

A stalwart Camarilla supporter


Melissa Roberts, 13th Generation Brujah, Childe of Dominique

Melissa appears to be a typical bar-crawling college student in her early twenties. In fact, she is a Brujah who controls much of the Rack. She is a stalwart supporter of the Camarilla, and has amassed a strong network of allies in Ottawa. She will generally allow other vampires to feed in her territory, but sometimes forbids specific vampires as a punishment.

Melissa set Michael up in her domain at the request of their mutual sire, Dominique. She tolerates Michael, but is not warm towards him.

Melissa was recently granted the title of Brujah Primogen, which outraged James Aylen. There seems to be prior bad blood between them relating to Aylen’s ghoul.


Melissa Roberts

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