Michael Brae

newly arrived and setting up in the world he knows, night clubs.


Michael grew up in Brooklyn. He managed a small local rock band, but after they broke up he moved into the music club scene, eventually becoming the manager of one of the hottest clubs in New York. When his old bandmate Brad played the venue with his new band, Sonic and the Hedgehogs, Michael met Brad’s girlfriend Dominique.

Dominique started spending a lot of time at the club. One night after closing, she was attacked leaving the club, and Michael was mortally wounded in the struggle. She took him back to her apartment – when Brad panicked, she quickly snapped his neck. Then she Embraced Michael, brining him into Clan Brujah.

After some time it was deemed that for his safety he should get out of the city and his Sire arranged for him to get to Ottawa where he lives in a small flat above the club “The Ritual” which he owns. He has managed to gather a small group of followers he can safely feed off of and has kept a low profile so far while feeling out the climate of the city. The Ritual is within the larger domain of Melissa, another childe of Dominique. Melissa has abided by her sire’s wishes but seems to have no special sense of obligation to Michael.

Michael Brae

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