Rachel Lin

A doctor who always works the grave shift.


Rachel was raised in Vancouver, the daughter of Chinese immigrants. Throughout school her parents encouraged her to pursue a law or medical career, although she favoured other options. That changed when her mother fell ill with a rare blood disease, and Rachel dedicated herself to medical studies. Despite a generous entrance scholarship from the Maria Giovanni estate, Rachel enlisted with the Canadian military to help pay the remainder of her university fees.

A civilian hospital that Rachel was working in received a sizeable grant from the same Maria Giovanni that had funded Rachel’s early education. Rachel met Maria at a dinner celebrating the grant and was spirited away, where Maria revealed her undead nature and ghouled Rachel. At first, Rachel was fascinated by the medical potential of the blood, but soon she was enslaved by the Blood Bond.

Later, when Rachel’s unit was sent to Afghanistan, she was tasked by the Giovanni to retrieve mystical artifacts from ancient caves. Unfortunately, those caves were now occupied by Taliban fighters, and the battle awoke the artifacts’ guardian from torpor, who promptly slew the Taliban. When Rachel attempted to steal the artifacts, she met Sir David of Treme, a Brujah crusader of old. He quickly conquered her will with Dominate. Learning of her connection to the Giovanni, he decided to use her to escape Afghanistan.

After escaping to Ottawa, Sir David Embraced Rachel. He then kept her in isolation for many months to wear away the blood bond imposed upon her by the Giovanni. Freed from her enslavement, she established a new identity in Ottawa, and now maintains a job as a surgeon on the night shift at Ottawa General.

Rachel Lin

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