Clan Politics in Ottawa

The defeat of the Sabbat in 2005 has left Ottawa a very different city. Prince Markus appears to rule with little assistance from the Camarilla elite, while obeying the fundamental principles of the organization. A Nosferatu prince with a strong independent streak has made Ottawa’s clan politics rather unorthodox.


The Nosferatu may play a more open role in Kindred society than in other cities, and are much more likely to appear at Elysium. Rumour has it that Markus allows Nosferatu to introduce themselves to him at private clan gatherings, leaving outsiders in the dark as to their true numbers.


The Ventrue held Ottawa as a stronghold in years past, and are humiliated by their new positions. After the Sabbat made living in Ottawa intolerable during the last decades of the 20th century, the Ventrue turned towards the political lobbying machine and regionalized politics to maintain their power from afar.

Many Ventrue claim that the secret actions of their puppets in Ottawa government were what truly led to the fall of the Sabbat in 2005. However, the Kindred have sided with Markus, and the Venture will play their part. They have been denied a Primogen seat, but their skills are naturally suited to building a power base. And they will not forget these slights when their fortunes rise again.


The Toreador find Ottawa to be a puzzle. On the one hand, it remains a centre of arts, culture and political power. On the other, the traditional clan power dynamics have been inverted, and the Prince is nearly unbearable to look at. These conditions have warded off many older Toreador, making opportunities for young, ambitious Kindred like Leslie Charbonneau. Lady Aria Geroux supports the prince as the Toreador Primogen, but her place in the clan is a topic of constant gossip.


The Brujah are divided, with a growing number supporting the Anarch cause while others cling to the Camarilla. Markus’ appointment of Melissa Roberts as Primogen has polarized the clan – is this a slap in the face of Clan Brujah? Or proof that younger vampires are equal partners under Markus’ rule?


The Gangrel were one of the first clans to be awarded a Primogen seat by Markus, as a show of solidarity and surely a snub to the high clans. Many Gangrel stick to the outer regions of the area, patrolling for signs of Sabbat or Lupine incursions. Several Gangrel are believed to keep havens in the Greenbelt that encases the “old city” of Ottawa. Bloody Roger, the Sheriff of Ottawa is also of the Gangrel clan.


While many of the outcast clans have gained unusual prominence in Ottawa, the Malkavians remain on the fringes. Part of this is surely pragmatism on Markus’ part – hard enough to maintain the Masquerade in an overcrowded city without suffering the whims of lunatics. But some wonder if the true reasons for the Mallkavian’s isolation is their occasional gifts of oracular insight. After all, the Nosferatu Clan prides itself on being the clan of secrets…


The Warlocks have sent a lone emissary from Vancouver to advise Prince Markus. She has gained no official title as of yet, but the other clans are watching with fear and jealously guarding their power bases against Tremere encroachment.


Jacob Donaldson’s recent death has positioned the Followers of Set in an odd position, as he was the only legitimately recognized Setite in the city. Several Kindred have worked with the Setites on occasion to gain resources and favours without incurring Prestation debts from Clans Ventrue or Toreador. Some of the criminal elements in Clans Brujah or Giovanni may come into occasional conflict with Setite vice dens.


Only two Giovanni are known to be active in the city: Elisa Giovanni and Anzo Giovanni. Together they oversee the family’s legitimate and illegal interests in Ottawa. While only two vampires are present, the Giovanni family has a large presence in the criminal underbelly, and numerous ghouls report to Anzo and Elisa. The Giovanni stayed neutral during the previous Sabbat – Camarilla conflicts, and appear to be retaining that attitude under the resurgent Camarilla presence.

Ravnos, Assamite, Tzimisce and Lasombra

These clans are almost universally unwelcome in Ottawa. Any known Tzimisce or Lasombra who steps into Ottawa without some kind of prior invitation can expect a brutal and direct response. Ravnos are unwelcome, but will not generally be met with such force lest they offend the clan as a whole. Assamites are officially unwelcome in the city, but anyone willing to pay an Assamite is unlikely to worry about such laws.

Clan Politics in Ottawa

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