Ottawa by Night

Ottawa by Night is a Vampire: The Masquerade Chronicle that takes place in the city of Ottawa, Canada in the present day. The campaign began in early 2015.

Ottawa is controlled by the Camarilla, but surrounded by powerful Sabbat cities. Despite this, Prince Markus reclaimed the city nearly 10 years ago, ending 30 years of Sabbat occupation.

The Sabbat’s apparent reluctance to retake Ottawa has made it a safe haven for Camarilla and Anarch vampires. Also, the vampiric old guard was largely destroyed during the troubles of the early 1980s, making Ottawa a city where young neonates can stake a claim and make their mark. But Anarch agitators are quick to remind the young licks that the Camarilla cannot be trusted…

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The adventure log is here!

Ottawa By Night

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