Ottawa By Night

Chapter 13

Brave New World


Long-held ambitions are realized. Rachel and her sire have a fierce argument.

The Serpent’s Lair
  • Charles de Rohan and Marinette, Priestess of Set rescued Gloria and secured her in the Setite compound. Charles noticed a brand on Gloria which his past studies associated with satanic cults. He contacted his sire Antonio de Sedella and Nicolae to inquire about the supernatural significance of a pregnant Kindred; both agreed that this was a dark portent.
  • Nicolae’s ghoul Dominik delivers a vial of Assamite blood to Charles, indicating that it will reverse the poison that keeps The Elder locked in torpor. He explains that the Cappadocians were a lost clan that was exterminated by the Giovanni in the late Middle Ages. He leaves, telling Charles that he now owes Nicolae a boon, and revealing that Nicolae is aware of Charles’ true clan origins.
Opening Night at the Speakeasy
  • Wade Bogs and Michael Brae host the opening party for the new music club they’ve opened with Rachel Lin, The Speakeasy. Several Kindred are in attendance, including Duncan, Leslie Charbonneau, and Chen.
  • Duncan tells Wade that the old Ventrue prince’s mansion is being rebuilt, and he expects the Ventrue establishment to try to move into Ottawa soon. The Ventrue already in the city need to fortify their power for when this happens.
  • Michael’s sire Dominique makes a surprise appearance at the party. Now that James Aylen and Michael have destroyed Tiberius’ old blackmail file on her, she’s considering returning to the city on a more regular basis. She is currently staying with Melissa, who did not attend the party.
A Family Argument
  • Rachel lost herself in thought while driving to the party and ended up at a large mansion just outside of town. She called Wade to tell him she’d be late, and then entered the mansion. Nicolae’s ghoul Dominik was there; he told her that Sir David was in the next room, and Domink was pretending to be his ghoul.
  • Sir David was entertaining a elder Ventrue named Lord Ruthken. Ruthken was the former Prince of Toronto before it fell to the Sabbat. He was also the sire of Fast Eddie, and deeply disappointed in his childe. David promised to assist Ruthken’s move to Ottawa, and specifically promised that Rachel would help prevent Wade from ruining their schemes.
  • After Ruthkin left, Rachel learned that David owned this mansion; he had literally cashed in some ancient boons and obtained considerable resources. He was using modern surveillance technology to track the Giovanni, and wanted to know why Rachel was talking to them.
  • An argument broke out over duty and loyalty. David argued that Rachel should be willing to use Annie Leblanc as a weapon against the Giovanni. Rachel called David a coward. He frenzied, and Rachel fled the scene quickly.
  • Charles and Marinette perform a new ritual of awakening, using the blood provided by Nicolae. The elder awakens and promptly diablerizes Marinette. She looks at Charles, declaring him to be “one of mine,” and introduces herself as the Lady Cassandra.
  • Moments later, Rachel gets a call from the hospital telling her that Annie is having a seizure.
  • Wade finds out why Fast Eddie isn’t at the party yet; he gets a phone call saying that Eddie is trapped in a dumpster, with the Bronin gang baying for his blood. Wade and Michael drive off to save him.



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