Bloody Roger, Sheriff

He keeps order at any cost.


Roger is the Sheriff of Ottawa, enforcing the Traditions and Markus’ authority. He is nicknamed “Bloody” both for his taste for battle and for his disregard for collateral damage when silencing Masquerade breaches.

Despite his violent reputation, Roger is quite cunning and makes for a competent investigator. He is rumoured to have learned Auspex, allowing him to track vampires who are used to staying hidden.


Roger was a prison guard in Ontario during the early 1900s. Eventually his methods were deemed too severe and he was fired. Roger retreated from society, living in his family’s old cabin and hunting off the land. This eventually brought him to the attention of his sire, who Embraced him into Clan Gangrel.

Roger fought frequent skirmishes with the Sabbat and the Anarchs over the years, and when Markus gained control of Ottawa he quickly appointed Roger as his Sheriff. x

Bloody Roger, Sheriff

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