Stephanie Bronin

A dangerous Brujah with ties to local gangs.


Stephanie Bronin, 13th Generation Brujah


Stephanie grew up in a small town with a bad family. Social services tried to lead her away from the bad path she was walking, but by her late teens she was knocking over gas stations with her cousins, and by her mid-twenties she was running a dangerous (if unambitious) gang.

Aiming to move up the food chain a bit, Stephanie’s and her cousins ambushed a rival gang transporting a large van presumably filled with drugs. The ambush went off perfectly, although one of the gang members took an unnatural amount of firepower to put down. They took the van back to their hideout, and discovered that in addition to drugs there were a lot of personal effects and furniture, like someone was moving.

That night Stephanie awoke to a scream. Grabbing the gun under her pillow, she found her family dead, and a tall unknown figure in the next room. She shot him to no effect, and despite her struggles he easily overpowered her. Impressed by her spirit, the vampire known only as The Wanderer embraced her into Clan Brujah.

Stephanie and The Wanderer travelled across Ontario and Manitoba over the next few years. When the Sabbat were being driven out of Ottawa, they intercepted Cardinal Johnson and delivered the Final Death to it. Although the monster was destroyed, it had warped The Wanderer’s legs with Vicissitude. He begged Stephanie to leave him out for the sun, but instead she chose to stake him and bury him nearby, swearing to find a way to restore his mobility one day.

As a result of her actions against the Sabbat, Stephanie is accorded much respect amongst the Ottawa Kindred, and some whisper that she might truly be The Wanderer herself. She has re-established criminal ties in the area, and her talent for mayhem is often useful to maintain the Masquerade.

Stephanie Bronin

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