Ottawa By Night

Chapter 14

Street Alley Brawl


Wade and Michael entered a vicious fight with the Bronin gang to save Eddie. Charles tried to manage Cassandra. Rachel made a dark deal to save Annie.

Welcome to the 21st Century
  • Charles de Rohan dealt with the immediate fallout of Cassandra’s awakening. She seemed to know a great deal about him, and implied that she was aware during her torpor. However, modern technology shocks her.
  • Roderick called Charles to let him know that Fast Eddie required assistance. Apparently Jacob was supplying drugs to the Bronin gang, using Eddie as a go-between in an attempt to distance himself from the usual Setite image.
  • Cassandra wanted to see the vampires of the modern world, so she and Charles departed to help Eddie.
Brujah Brawl
  • Wade Bogs and Michael Brae drove into the wide alley, seeing the Bronins had already surrounded Eddie’s dumpster with a semi-circle of fire. Michael rolled out of the vehicle and killed a ghoul with a shotgun blast to the head. Eddie swerved to the side and opened a door for Eddie.
  • Stephanie Bronin and Michael got into a full out brawl. It looked like both would perish as they grappled each other while Stephanie burned from the flames the Bronins set to cage Eddie.
  • Cassandra and Charles arrived on the scene. Cassandra quickly ended the fight by using dark magic to turn Bronin’s limbs into ash.
  • Cassandra indicated that she knew Eddie’s vampiric ancestors. After departing, Eddie told Wade to keep clear of her.
  • Michael now owes Cassandra a life boon.
Annie’s Cure
  • Rachel went to the hospital to check on Annie. The nurses told her that Annie starting having seizures within the last hour, and she appeared to be speaking in foreign languages in the process. Rachel re-watched some video footage and identified the phrase as Italian: “The mother is risen!”
  • Rachel decided to consult Charles on this matter, and he decided to introduce her to Cassandra. Cassandra explained that she was an old ally of Sir David, and that they had created this blood disease as a consequence of thwarting a Giovanni and Tremere collaboration centuries prior.
  • Rachel asked for a cure. Cassandra told Rachel that she was unwilling to cure the disease entirely, but would be willing to cure Annie for a major boon. Rachel decided to accept.



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