Ottawa By Night

Chapter 16

The Hunters Hunted


Micheal and Rachel regain their bearings after the hunters attack his haven. Wade and Isabel meet, and Wade speaks to Genevive Ouellet about her actions at the Glass Slipper. Charles tells the Prince about the presence of the Baali in the Setite Temple.

Isabel’s Prelude
  • Isabel awakens in a dark alley. At her feet is the drained body of an adult male with a switchblade lying open on the ground. A bouncer or thug opens a door into the alley, seeing her with the body. He calls for backup, saying the boss’s son has been attacked. Isabel instinctively fades into the shadows, discovering her discipline of Obfuscate. She doesn’t know how she became a vampire, or remember much of her mortal life.
  • Isabel starts finding profitable work as a private detective. Due to a mix of ignorance and her low status, she gets lots of business from other Kindred since she’ll accept payment in money rather than boons. Many of her clients contact her anonymously online; in this capacity she assisted Rachel in tracking down information on the Giovanni’s funding of medical research.
  • As part of her research into Rachel’s problems, Isabel discovers an undated photo of herself in Ottawa, possibly while still mortal. She’s uncertain what it means, but decides to find out, relocating to Ottawa a few weeks later.
  • Once in Ottawa, she quickly gets a job to find a woman named Nati, who is suspected of manipulating political figures using supernatural means. She follows Nati and her marks to the Glass Slipper, and uses Obfuscate to slip into the camera room. To her surprise, she discovers that Wade seems to genuinely value his customer’s privacy, and doesn’t have secret cameras in the private suites. She leaves the club and tails the women. One enters a convent while the other proceeds to an apartment building near the Carelton campus.
Haven Defiled
  • Rachel, Michael and Stephanie are hiding in the secret room he constructed in the basement where Master Chen first broke out of the sewers. They hear shouts and gunfire above before falling asleep despite themselves.
  • When they awaken that night, the club is quiet. Proceeding through the building, they discover a bloody chalk outline near the bar. The apartment upstairs has been tossed; the old Prince’s secret diary is still there, but the dossiers on Chen and Eliza Giovanni are gone. Rachel notices that holy communion wafers have been left behind as if to ward the place.
  • Rachel checks her phone and discovers that the papers have reported a murder at the Ritual this morning, and that Michael is sought for questioning.
  • They leave the bar without alerting the police who are guarding the crime scene.
The Cult of Ecstasy
  • Wade awakens to news that the bar server who had served the women with Senator Osbourne two nights prior had decided to quit her job at the Glass Slipper, considering it immoral. This was quite a sudden shift from her past attitudes.
  • Janice messages him with a tip: the woman he is interested in is named Nati and she often dances at a techno club downtown named the Electric Union. Meanwhile, Isabel has already tracked Nati to the club.
  • Both Wade and Isabel feel like their supernatural mojo is somewhat warped in the club. Isabel remains very cautious, observing from a distance, while Wade engages Nati in discussion directly.
  • Wade and Nati have what is on the surface a very pleasant conversation, and Wade is convinced he has defended his turf without making an enemy. He gives her a card. He later feeds on a vessel in the club, and due to some kind of weird feedback effect he perceives the blood draining from the victim’s senses.
  • Isabel continues to watch Nati. When Nati takes an interest in one of the other attendees, Isabel is able to voice record Nati persuading the mark to change his business plans. Although the recording conditions are non-ideal, Isabel is able to clean up the audio on her PC later.
Talking with the Devil
  • Charles discovers that Cassandra appears to have taken on one Roderick as her ghoul. Cassandra urges Charles to speak with Gloria and discover the Baali’s purpose in Ottawa.
  • Gloria tells Charles that she is being pursued by a powerful Sabbat Inquisitor, who has activated a sleeper cell of loyal agents from when the Sabbat ruled Ottawa.
  • Gloria tries to get into Charles’ head with her disciplines, but fails.
  • Charles and Cassandra resolve to turn Gloria in to the Prince.
Together Again, Briefly
  • Charles, Wade, Rachel and Michael meet in a park to compare notes.
  • Although reluctant to reveal it at first, Rachel tells the others that the hunter in the hospital was looking for a pregnant woman. Charles tells the others that he hears a Sabbat Inquisitor is in town, but keeps the Setite and Baali involvement secret.
  • Wade calls the Sheriff in and they relate the information to him,
  • Charles proceeds to the Prince’s court to relay news about the Baali. Although the Seneschal delays him briefly, he gets his audience. The Prince is outraged that the Setites have kept a Baali without his knowledge, and summons Lady Janice and Aria to help him go deal with the issue.
Final Positions
  • Wade returns to the Slipper and meets Isabel, who asks about his encounter with Nati. They compare notes, and he promises to introduce her at the next Elysium.
  • Rachel and Michael go to Rachel’s apartment as his haven is clearly compromised. Rachel gets a text message with an image from one of the pages of Eliza’s stolen dossier. The sender asks them to meet at a nearby construction site. Arriving for the meeting, they are greeted by a giggling Rob Zane.
  • Charles arrives back at his haven to find a police officer sitting on the doorstep. It’s the same guy that Charles had fooled at police headquarters into revealing the location of the hunters hideout in Hull. The officer tells Charles that a dear friend has been hurt in the fight against evil, and that Charles is now being called to serve in that fight.



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