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  • Hot Lunch!

    (Note: Since the July 18th session was split into multiple narratives, I have combined some events from the September 4th session into this log for a smoother chronological narrative) h2. Eddie's Warning [[:fast-eddie | Fast Eddie]] took Wade aside …

  • Hot Lunch! Part 3

    h2. Flight from the Boiler Room With the hungry children blocking the exit to the boiler room, the vampires fled after the blood worm that was formerly Donald Hardwick. They discovered that it had broken through the ceiling into the high school above. …

  • Boons & Wounds

    h2. Service Rewarded The day after the battle at Saint Peter's, [[:rachel | Rachel]] was instructed to meet [[:roger | Roger]] at the Green Belt to debrief on the night before. In an abandoned field she met Roger and another figure, whom Roger …

  • Nutromi

    Nutromi is a division of Pentex focused on food and nutrition. It, along with several other Pentex subsidiaries, has an account at [[:leslie | Leslie Charbonneau ]]'s PR firm. "Nutromi: What You Need For Tomorrow's World"