PC Boons


Boons Owed

  1. Owes a minor boon to Markus for assisting with faking Donaldson’s death convincingly for mortal authorities.

Boons Granted

  1. Leslie Charbonneau owes Charles a minor boon (secret) for intervening in the Pentex / St Peter’s affair.
  2. Lady Janice owes Charles a minor boon for notifying the Sheriff and cleaning up after she was attacked by Rachel.


Boons Owed

  1. Owes Thomas for setting up an evening meeting with liquor control officials.
  2. Owes Thomas for assisting with disposing of the evidence after Derrick’s attack.
  3. Owes Cassandra a life boon for ending the battle with Stephanie before they both died.

Boons Repaid

  1. Chen owed Michael a boon for notifying the Prince when he awoke. Repaid by Prince Markus when he reduced Melissa’s territory rather than Michael’s to give to Chen.


Boons Owed

  1. Owes a minor boon to Bloody Roger, Sheriff, for making a good word to the Prince on her behalf after she found the source of the blood thefts. (Secret)
    #2. Owes a boon to Cipher for letting her know that Fast Eddie and Wade Bogs were collaborating against her with the Tremere.
    #3. Owes a major boon to Cassandra for curing Annie.


Boons Owed

  1. Owes a minor boon to James Aylen for notifying him of the bad information that Ericson had fed Wade about the Prince’s preferred feeding habits. (Secret)
  2. Owes a major boon to Lady Janice for restraining the fomori within him. (Secret)
  3. Owes a minor boon to Rob Zane for digging up dirt on the local Giovanni.

Boons Granted
#1 Owed a minor boon by Jacob Donaldson for letting Donaldson’s ghouls work a target within the Glass Slipper. (Donaldson Died)

PC Boons

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